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New Savings Notification - Voice, Mobile and Data Services


Congratulations, you are 3 steps away from initiating the transfer process.

Step 1: Please complete the form below with your current details. When finished please click the button "Update Details".

Step 2: Please review the new LCA telecoms pricing table below, comparing your current Telstra retail pricing against the CommsChoice supplied wholesale pricing. CommsChoice will work with you to activate the new LCA discounted pricing immediately and will manage your transition to NBN services as and when they become available in your area. Please proceed to Step 3 to initiate the transfer process.   


LCA Benchmarking Fixed Voice Services   LCA Benchmarking Mobile Services
Item Telstra Current CommsChoice Savings % v Current   Item Telstra Current CommsChoice Saving % v Current
Fixed to Mobile
(Telstra) per minute
14c 9.9c 29%  

Unlimited calls
10GB data

n/a $59.09 n/a
Fixed to Mobile
(Other) per minute
18c 9.9c 45%   Unlimited calls
7GB data
$109 (5GB) $50.00 54%

National Calls
per minute

5.5c 3.9c 29%   Unlimited calls
4GB data
$100 (3GB) $40.91 59%
Local Calls
per minute
5.5c 3.9c 29%   1000min calls
1.5GB data
$160.402 $27.27 83%
Monthly Rental
$31.771 $29.90 6%   200min calls
200MB data
$31.082 $18.18 41%
ISDN2 Monthly Rental $57.77 $49.90 14%   Managed Service
including MDM
n/a $4.99 n/a
Monthly Rental
$277.27 $249.00 10%   Minimum Services
1010 $0.00 n/a
Minimum LCA
Spend per Qtr
$231,115 $0.00 n/a   Minimum Spend
per Qtr
$52,778 $0.00 n/a

1. Standard Telstra PSTN line rental is $31.77 for Enterprise clients. Current PSTN monthly line rentals for LCA range from $21.00 (note not for profit rates under review by Telstra) to greater than $50.00.
2. Usage calculation based on current LCA Enterprise Fleet plan standard rates.

3. $50 activation fee applies for transfer or port of individual fixed and mobile services. $250 service activation fee applies for complex ports of ISDN 100 number ranges.

4. CommsChoice Business Flexi mobile services in the table above are SIM only plans provided on flexible month to month terms.
Your existing Telstra mobile handsets can be unlocked for use with these plans. If you require a new mobile handset these can be purchased outright or rented through CommsChoice.
6. All pricing in the table above excludes GST.

Step 3: I agree that all of the voice, mobile and data services provided under the current Telstra retail Account Numbers identified in this Application are to be transferred by LCA delivery partner CommsChoice Pty Limited to the new LCA telecoms pricing under the terms and conditions below (please review the terms and conditions, check the box and click Confirm & Apply at the bottom of this page).

Terms and Conditions



          I agree to the terms and conditions above (Check this box and click "Confirm & Apply" to complete the application)