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 New Saving Notification - Voice, Mobile and Data Services


Hello and welcome,

LCA has engaged CommsChoice to help you transfer your existing telephone, mobile, and data services to superior wholesale rates and give you access to a wider range of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions going forward. CommsChoice has been delivering great outcomes for Church Resources members, including LCA, because they are a client service focused, independent, vendor-neutral organisation. They will work on our behalf to provide optimal ICT solutions that ignite positive change for LCA and all of its related entities.

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of new LCA discounted rates for current users of PSTN, ISDN, NBN and Mobile services.

Transferring your current  PSTN, ISDN, NBN and Mobile services to your new LCA new rates is a simple two step process.

Please click the button below to begin!






Q. Can I Keep My Existing Telephone Numbers?

A. Yes. Number portability regulations mean that you can keep your current PSTN, NBN, ISDN and Mobile telephone numbers.

Q. Will a Site Visit or Network Change be Required?

A. We will review this together. Our objective is to minimise disruption and only make changes to underlying services where it makes sense to do so. There will be no site visit, disruption, or downtime in transferring existing NBN voice and data services or fixed telephone PSTN services to your new LCA rates (as PSTN is ultimately provided by Telstra even if being resold by another telco). ISDN services from Optus, Telstra, and other telcos reselling underlying Telstra ISDN can also be transferred without disruption. We will evaluate the impact of any other changes with you to find the optimal solution. CommsChoice will manage your transition to NBN voice and data services once NBN becomes available in your area. Transferring Mobile services will use part of the Telstra Mobile Network, with a SIM swap required to access the new LCA rates.

Q. Who Will Be Supporting Me?

A. Services will be billed to you and supported by LCA nominated delivery partner CommsChoice, who will contact you to arrange the transfers to the new LCA rates. You will no longer need to deal with providers directly.

Q. How Much Will I Save?

A. Savings are expected to average 30% depending on your service mix. Please refer to the pricing comparison table on the next page for details. CommsChoice will also work with you to identify unused services to switch off (rationalise), ensure services are kept on the best possible mix of plans (optimise), and will report back to you on savings achieved.

Q. When Should I Change?

A. We recommend changing your services straight away. As the current Telstra contract has expired and other LCA entities begin to migrate away, it is only a matter of time before your Telstra pricing will increase and in some cases this may be quite significant.


Kind Regards,

LCA Client Engagement Team

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Level 5, 20 Rodborough Rd, Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086, Australia
t: 1300 431 313